Our pricing is modular, to reflect the product

Our pricing is based on the number of locations within your franchise network and the modules you choose.

How business intelligence pricing works

Like our business intelligence tool, our pricing is custom to you and influenced by a number of factors. But we know this can be an annoying answer — so let us break down what’s included in the final number.

Loop is priced with an initial setup fee and a monthly subscription fee. These depend on several components such as the number of geographical locations, the modules you choose for your platform, your data requirements and integrations you have with other systems. To give you an idea on what’s included in the pricing of our business intelligence tool, we’ve broken it down below.

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Setup Fee

The initial setup fee includes:

  • Personalisation of your Loop platform, including the URL purchase and branding
  • User integration and data visibility configuration based on your hierarchy
  • Dashboard configuration, data cleansing and KPI integration from up to 3 data feeds
  • Deployment of reporting module
illustration of subscription renewing

Subscription Fee

The ongoing subscription fee consists of:

  • Platform hosting — managed on your behalf on Microsoft Azure
  • License fees that cover each of the modules that make up your platform
  • A Customer Manager responsible for ensuring the success of your platform
  • Email support channel to facilitate any queries your users have along the way

Our FAQs

Does the pricing increase as the number of users increases?

Not at all, we know that the amount of users can vary over time so to make this easy for you we provide unlimited user access.

Which browsers are supported by the platform?

We support all the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

How do I get my teams to use yet another new tool?

We suggest starting small, and then letting the success go viral. That’s exactly how we’ve implemented our internal roll out at River and where we have seen the greatest success in our other customers. We have experience with rolling out this type of software and can help with any relevant training. We can also set up a single sign-on to make it easier for users to adopt the platform.

Do users need advanced technical/analytical skills to use Loop?

Not at all, Loop has been created in an intuitive user-friendly way for anyone to use.

Can the platform scale with me as the business grows?

Absolutely, Loop is a flexible and scalable platform that can grow with your business needs. Not only can you add new KPIs and dashboards but there is a suite of modules that you can bolt on as and when your business requires them.

Can I access the platform on the move?

We support tablet devices so you can access your dashboards and modules remotely, and we have an app on the way!

Is Loop available internationally?

It is, in any region of the world and in 12 languages.

What if I need a feature unique to my business?

Our team will be on hand to work with you to scope and estimate any additional bespoke requirements you may have.

Want to know more about Loop and our pricing?

Get in touch below and we'll be happy to lay out some ballpark figures specifically for your business.