Empowering teams to take action on insights

Loop unites business intelligence and action planning through performance modules, enabling your teams to improve their KPIs.

More than a business intelligence tool

Loop goes beyond data analytics. Each of our modules below has been designed with KPI performance management in mind so you can get the most out of your data and your teams.

Dashboards module within the Loop platform


Centrally monitor your business’ KPIs from a dashboard of customisable widgets and make informed decisions to drive their performance. Compare multiple KPIs over a chosen period to identify trends and correlations, or drill down into the KPI detail for further analysis, acting as an extensive business intelligence tool.

Views are driven by user permissions to support your business’ hierarchy. We can configure individual dashboard views for each management level or vary the data displayed to be relevant for each function within your business.

Action Planning

Action Planning underpins all of the modules by allowing you to create actions against KPIs, surveys, visits and scorecards, enabling you to view and track not just the progress of the action, but the impact on the relevant area.

A central repository of all actions drives accountability and provides visibility of progress. This focus on action and progress drives rapid improvement of KPIs, and separates Loop from traditional business intelligence tools. Sharing actions with other areas of the business facing similar challenges breaks down silos and shares best practice.

Action Centre module within the Loop platform
Scoreboards module within the Loop platform

Balanced Scorecards

Build and surface balanced scorecards across multiple levels of your business hierarchy, scoring and ranking your franchise network at KPI level and on overall performance. Score bandings can be manually set or automatically calculated, with points assigned to each KPI. Improvement opportunities are flagged to highlight the KPIs where there is potential to improve the rank and the movement required.

Managers can monitor and track activities and their impact, employees are empowered to identify operational and experiential inefficiencies and make guided improvements based on business intelligence.


Streamline compliance by conducting audits and assessing standards across your franchise network. Scores can then be fed into KPI data and displayed within the Dashboards module, providing visibility of performance across the business. Action plans can be created within a survey and then managed, monitored and closed once compliant.

Standardised survey templates are centrally distributed to your teams through a role-driven process or custom surveys built as required. Create multiple response types in a single survey and pull together surveys into a ‘Survey Pack’. Tracking features allow management to see who has and hasn’t completed the surveys in line with the deadlines set.

Surveys module within the Loop platform
Visit Management module within the Loop platform

Visit Management

Enable Field Teams to plan and better manage site visits throughout your franchise network. Standardised agenda templates can be created and published centrally via a role-driven approval process. Create actions within the platform and add notes on what was agreed, ensuring visits are efficient, productive and the next steps are clear.

Integrate pre-planned visits with your calendar and distribute surveys that can be scheduled and managed from your visit. Visit Management provides senior levels of your hierarchy with the ‘bigger picture’ through easily accessible data on all visits across your franchise network, both past and present.

Usage Reporting

Gain insight and confidence in your investment through the Reporting module. Understand how your platform is being used, including activity levels within each module and usage of the platform as a whole.

The reporting is fully interactive, allowing you to drill into each level of your business hierarchy, or look at it as a whole on a map.

Usage Reporting module within the Loop platform

We love messy data

Worried about the state of your data? No problem! Our data specialists will work with you to understand your current data makeup and your vision for future enhancements.

We’re used to dealing with APIs, extracts from source systems and all kinds of data challenges in order to make data usable. We service multiple data feeds in a variety of formats and we can handle any cleansing, aggregations and calculations needed before the data is displayed. We’ll create all the mechanisms needed to seamlessly bring in and automate your data. That way, your new platform begins life with data that is high in quality and accuracy.

How we helped Honda

Turning confusion into clarity for one of the UK’s largest automotive manufacturers - how River helped Honda UK turn their labyrinth of sales data into a clear road to performance improvement.

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