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Helping your teams to take the right action on data-led insights.

More than a business intelligence tool

Loop redefines Business Intelligence, going beyond data analysis to focus on actions and outcomes.

Dashboards module within the Loop platform


Is your KPI data held in a labyrinth of different systems? Do you struggle to get any meaningful insight from your existing reporting? Loop consolidates your data into one accessible platform, making it simple to uncover real, and timely, insight. Most importantly, Loop ensures that insight reaches the people in your business who can act upon it.

Action Planning

Do you have access to existing Dashboards and data but no visibility of whether they are driving any changes in behaviour or action? Or, can you see actions being taken on insights but wonder what impact they are making? Loop allows you to link actions directly against KPIs, giving you clear visibility of their progress and impact.

Action Centre module within the Loop platform
Scoreboards module within the Loop platform

Balanced Scorecards

Staying on top of your franchise network’s performance has never been so easy. Loop’s Scorecards not only provide visibility of performance across different measures, but also flag issues and improvement opportunities so that franchises – and field team members – are always one step ahead.


If you already run audits of process or standards compliance across your franchise network, you might find it hard to get a sense of the overall result or follow up on issues that need to be resolved. Loop’s online surveys automatically calculate scores to feed into your Dashboard, and clearly display issues and actions so you can track and settle them.

Surveys module within the Loop platform
Visit Management module within the Loop platform

Visit Management

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from experience, it’s that consistency and alignment is key. Make field team visits across your franchise network more efficient by allowing teams to schedule them on one system, create standard agenda templates and add notes and actions on what was agreed.

Usage Reporting

If you choose to roll out Loop, you’ll want to understand how, when and what your team is using the most. The Reporting module offers this insight by giving an overarching view of Loop’s usage, as well as a more detailed look at the activity levels across your business hierarchy.

Usage Reporting module within the Loop platform

Messy data? No problem!

We’re used to dealing with all kinds of challenges in order to make data usable. Our data specialists will work with you to understand your vision, and to make sure your platform begins life with seamlessly automated, high quality data.

How we helped Honda

Turning confusion into clarity for one of the UK’s largest automotive manufacturers - how River helped Honda UK turn their labyrinth of sales data into a clear road to performance improvement.

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