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How intelligent businesses boost their productivity

Loop Franchise Performance Management provides the modules you need to create a single source of the truth, identify opportunities for improvement, assign appropriate actions, and focus on KPI performance across your network.

Dashboards module within the Loop platform

Simple dashboards with the right info

Franchises are notoriously difficult to organise. Between multiple sites, a decentralised leadership structure and the changing nature of the modern work environment, setting your business up to succeed can feel like an impossible task.

Loop approaches this problem in the simplest way - with centralised, customisable dashboards that get the right information in front of the right people, at the right time.

Link your actions to your KPIs

It's easy to decide on KPIs just to tick a box. But what if KPIs could genuinely transform businesses? What if you could use data to identify the KPIs that drive success for your organisation?

That's where Action Planning with Loop comes in. Use data insights gathered from your organisation to create KPIs that genuinely drive growth and improved performance.

Action Centre module within the Loop platform
Scoreboards module within the Loop platform

Scorecards that prompt action

You might be able to access the relevant data, the right insight, the staff feedback, and the technical know-how to make your franchise work. But organising and staying on top of all of that data can prove difficult.

Loop's scorecards not only provide you with visibility across different performance measures, but also flag issues and opportunities for improvement, keeping you one step ahead.

Get the most out of your Surveys

Getting customers to complete surveys is a great way to gather data to drive improved performance. But very few franchise companies are able to effectively utilise these insights to improve their processes.

Loop automatically calculates survey scores, feeding them straight into your custom dashboards. This allows you to instantly use survey data to create actions, make decisions and set up KPIs.

Surveys module within the Loop platform
Visit Management module within the Loop platform

Manage Site Visits

Inconsistent performance levels across your franchise sites can be your downfall, and site visits are crucial in helping you achieve stable and reliable operations across your network. A visit shouldn't be something stressful for your staff, so organisation is a must.

Loop allows you to step up a transparent, agenda-led visit, so everyone is on the same page. Teams can schedule and view visits on one system that allows staff to add notes and actions on what was agreed.

Usage Reporting you can really use

Often, organisations don't always see a proper return on investment on their Franchise Performance Management Software, because it is under-utilised. We believe it's essential to understand how your franchise locations are using Loop to improve their performance. 

With the help of our Reporting Module, you can get a complete view of your franchise locations usage, and drill down into the finer details of your performance levels.

Usage Reporting module within the Loop platform

Get organised

Data is the foundation businesses are built on. Unfortunately, some struggle to collect reliable data on a consistent basis. Franchise networks in particular often find this is a challenge due to their complex hierarchies and numerous sites.

We're experts at gathering and clearing messy data, even with complex franchise networks. Loop Franchise Performance Management Software makes the decentralised central, and organises the disorganised. We'll put you back in the loop with your business.


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