Honda's Dealer Network Operations Are 30% More Efficient with Loop

Loop gives you the time, tools and predictive analytics to maximise KPIs across automotive and franchise networks.

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Data-led decision making is fuel for performance improvement and growth. Like many automotive and franchise network operators, Honda don’t suffer from a lack of raw data. In fact, it’s this abundance of raw data that can become a barrier. The challenge was how to convert that raw data into meaningful insight, action and continuous performance improvement.

The system has exceeded our expectations, particularly in the last six months as River have taken what has bedded down in the basic delivery of KPI to how this can improve our performance, both internally and within the dealer network.

The Honda team at HQ and in the field would spend 30% of their time, collating, distributing and analysing network performance data. This challenge is common to automotive and franchise networks as valuable data sits in disparate systems in differing formats. It’s all valuable, but it’s all over the place.

Our first return is time saved by our field teams, most of the information we are using was already available, however in a suite of disparate reports. Bringing all of this information together has stopped the requirement of cut and paste reporting, mitigating error and delivering a consistent and professional delivery. We have now moved over to ensuring our activity targeting is more aligned with our network capabilities, with a view over time supporting those sometimes emotional conversations.

Loop has not only saved Honda precious time by automating live data feeds and housing a variety of KPIs in one, easy to interrogate place:

  • Loop applies predictive analytics to illustrate future performance at every level of the hierarchy.
  • If that future isn’t on track, Honda users can set and monitor actions against KPIs, and associated data, to proactively change course.
  • KPIs that have been assigned an action are 70% more likely to see an improvement.
  • The scorecard module allows Honda to create any number of scorecards to compare, rank and share best practice with their dealers.
  • Predictive analytics highlights focus areas for improved scores and ranks, clearing the way for rapid improvement.
  • Loop also manages field team visits, audits and franchise standards to ensure visibility and consistency across the UK.
  • Throughout Loop and within each module, Honda can set and monitor actions so that they are continually improving.
  • Users log on to Loop every week because, compared to other BI systems on the market, Loop has been built for the everyday business user.

Above our expectations was the feedback from the dealer network who see the value of having the information in one place and the joint accountability. Being able to give single sign-on and access to our dealer groups management teams is a real winner in time saved and clarity of performance and improvement.

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