Case Study: Honda UK

Turning confusion into clarity for one of the UK’s largest automotive manufacturers - how increased efficiency in Honda's field team by 30%.

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The problem: Honda's labyrinth of sales data

Franchise networks operate on a huge amount of data, typically from multiple systems, and having the right data to hand can make the difference between achieving your business goals - or not. Automotive manufacturers are no stranger to this landscape and Honda Cars’ vast and disjointed business data was housed in a variety of in-house and third-party systems. Senior network sales managers were spending considerable time each month manually producing sales reports from an array of KPI data feeds. This not only exposed Honda to high risk of human error but consequently meant by the time issues were identified it was too late to take action and rectify them so, for example, targets may have been missed. Honda’s inability to identify dealer performance challenges meant that achieving the best results and service delivery to their customers was being shackled.

The system has exceeded our expectations, particularly in the last six months as River have taken what has bedded down in the basic delivery of KPI to how this can improve our performance, both internally and within the dealer network.

The solution: Gaining clarity from disparate data

Loop is designed specially with franchise businesses in mind and our BI specialists are well versed with messy data, so after some workshop sessions Honda’s key business metrics were identified and brought into the spotlight. Paired with automated data feeds Honda’s visibility of real-time performance metrics was at their fingertips helping them to quickly identify areas for improvement in performance and customer experience. Head office now have a holistic view of the performance across the network and field managers can drill into the detail behind each metric to see any issues requiring action within their teams. From the insights gained they can have data-driven conversations with dealers and set actions to drive improvements whilst managing these centrally - gone is the confusion and lack of accountability that was typical from offline discussions.


The results: Improved efficiency for Honda's field teams

Field managers no longer have to plan and coordinate visits and follow up activities in different systems as the central platform encourages consistency of best practices across the network. Network management now no longer relies on meetings with their field managers to understand what activities are taking place across the network as they can drill into the details themselves - saving vast amounts of time and improving operational efficiency.

Our first return is time saved by our field teams, most of the information we are using was already available, however in a suite of disparate reports. Bringing all of this information together has stopped the requirement of cut and paste reporting, mitigating error and delivering a consistent and professional delivery. We have now moved over to ensuring our activity targeting is more aligned with our network capabilities, with a view over time supporting those sometimes emotional conversations.

Honda now has instant insight into the sales performance of over one hundred dealerships across the UK and have confidence in the reported KPIs. They have gained time to act on the data as opposed to tedious manual processes of analysis they once had. The cherry on the cake is by surfacing cumulative measures versus targets, common trends in the data and predictive trends Honda now take proactive steps to address issues and rectify them before it is too late.

Field managers can focus their attention where the impact will be greatest and dealers have joint accountability for actioning improvements in a single platform that is easy to use. The platform has revolutionised Honda’s day to day operations by delivering transparency in the performance of all dealerships and ultimately the success of achieving their business goals. Efficiencies have been gained and consistent standards and practices have reached every corner of the network helping to ensure their iconic global brand remains on the top table.

Above our expectations was the feedback from the dealer network who see the value of having the information in one place and the joint accountability. Being able to give single sign-on and access to our dealer groups management teams is a real winner in time saved and clarity of performance and improvement.

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