Loop Gives AGCO's Team of Analysts up to 75% of Time Back

Plus, the revenue that Loop helps to generate is immeasurable.

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How many times have you and your colleagues looked at network performance data and KPIs and it not led to a conversation about opportunities to improve? It’s these conversations and subsequent decisions, at every level of a franchise networks hierarchy, from HQ to the local dealer, that leads to progress. When more time is spent having data-led conversations leading to data-led decision making across the business, progress is supercharged.

AGCO, global leaders in sustainable agricultural equipment, now have that time thanks to Loop and it’s making a significant impact on their European business. AGCO have always been a data-led business, but before Loop the team of analysts responsible for Dealer reporting would spend a significant amount of their time collating, calculating and interpreting data. Loop has reduced that time by 75% through automation.

Sofia Martinez, Dealer Performance Specialist, explains that the time saved, is now invested in opportunities to improve KPIs and fuel rapid progress. Sofia goes on to say:

Our business is driven forward by the initiatives, programmes and support we give our European dealer network. Loop gives us the time and confidence to design, execute and measure the impact of those initiatives quickly and efficiently.

In addition to combining our complex data sets into clear, visually appealing charts and dashboards, Loop BI’s additional functionality, such as surveys and action planning, helps us to drive improvements and change across our network, and measure the impact of the activity we are doing.

Loop also allows AGCO to consolidate what was a separate system into one place for everything. Dealer surveys are easily managed and distributed through Loop with results fed directly into KPIs.

AGCO also benefits from:

  • A business intelligence platform for everyday business users
  • Access to the system and performance at every level of the hierarchy
  • One single trusted version of the truth shared across the business and dealer network
  • The ability to set, monitor, measure and share actions against data and KPIs
  • Keeping the field team operating virtually through COVID
  • Easy access to historical performance and trends
  • Using historical performance and seasonality to creative predictive analytics
  • An ‘at a glance’ understanding of the relationship between performance data & KPIs
  • A business-critical tool

At Loop, we never just leave you to it, we're with you every step of the way:

I don’t feel we are two separate organisations, and this translates in the close cooperation achieved with the Loop team. Their commitment to understanding the customer’s needs and delivering those needs with a professional, user-friendly tool, is matched by providing top-class support. — Sofia Martinez, Dealer Performance Specialist

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