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Our story

Loop is one of two products crafted by River Software - a software business that exists to unite teams through technology. Loop fuses business intelligence software with action planning to enable teams to collaborate and proactively improve KPI performance. Rippl is the other product, and focuses on increasing employee engagement and collaboration through a culture of recognition.

At River, we have 20 years of experience working within franchise industries and understand the nuances and complexities of a franchise business, its network of sites and its hierarchies.

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We are experts in handling franchise data and have a good understanding of the KPIs you are likely to want to measure. We are also used to this data being messy, disparate and complex.

We build long-standing partnerships with all our customers. We like to think this reflects our ability to get under the skin of their business to understand, develop and, occasionally, challenge objectives.

We're a service-led software provider so this means we don’t walk away once your platform is live. We continually support you with our expert team of data specialists, implementation and account managers.

What we believe in

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Our values

Collaboration: We work as a team to deliver the best result, be that internally or with our customers.

Innovation: Whether we’re enhancing our business intelligence software, finding new ways to market it, or new ways of working, we’re always innovating.

Honesty: We pride ourselves on being ourselves, and we’ll always be honest, whether that means agreeing or disagreeing.

Reliability: We’re a team that delivers on its promises, from both a product and a service perspective.


Service levels: Our excellent standard of service is recognised through our Microsoft Gold Partner Award.

Support: Our business intelligence software isn't an off-the-shelf solution, we support you all the way with an implementation team, dedicated Account Director and User Support team.

Quarterly reviews: Our quarterly reviews allow us to evaluate the platform with you and learn from both the successes you've had and the challenges you're facing so we can improve how we work together.

Bespoke: The nuance and complexity of each customer’s requirements are unique. Loop is built to be flexible, so it will adapt to you and your specific needs.

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Data security

Compliance: We operate under strict GDPR ruling and get audited annually for ISO 27001 standards.

Controlled platform access: We have single sign on integration and set permissions at individual user level.

Data protection: We have a dedicated Data Protection Officer to ensure your data is safe at all times.

Penetration testing: We believe in transparency, and reports of our software and infrastructure are available for you to review.

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