Turn data into action for your franchise network

Unlock business insights, assign actions and empower your people to proactively improve KPI performance.

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The business performance
management tool that drives KPIs

Get on top of your data

Collect real-time data from anywhere within your organisation and transform your disparate feeds into accessible and analysable KPIs. We’ll take on the headache of gathering and cleaning the data and feed it into your platform to use as a single source of truth.

"Having the insight Loop provides helps us drive Dealer performance to the next level of excellence. It also captures areas where further development may be required, so we can secure better customer satisfaction".

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Killy Sandhu
Commercial Support Manager

KPI report

Take action on insights

Collecting and analysing data is no longer enough. Loop doesn’t just compare data sets, it identifies opportunities for improvement so you can assign actions against KPIs, track progress and drive KPI improvement.

"Our business is driven forward by the initiatives, programmes and support we give our European dealer network. Loop gives us the time and confidence to efficiently design, execute and measure the impact of those initiatives".

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Sofia Martinez
Dealer Performance Specialist

Ensure consistency in your field team activity

Drive collaboration across your franchise network through transparent data insights and action planning. Develop a culture that encourages teams to proactively improve KPI performance and hold business-wide accountability.

"A great experience working with everyone involved in the project from Loop, I have full confidence that anything we need will be done right, I can't say I have had that whilst working with any other external company".

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Michael Dawkes
Global Senior Network Development Lead

Sending out audits to a franchise network

Built specifically for franchise networks

Leaning on a wealth of experience in the automotive sector, our business performance management tool has been developed to support franchises, multi-site organisations and their management hierarchies to improve franchise network performance. 

We work with leading global brands

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Bring your real-time data to life and manage your KPI performance from a central location.

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Balanced Scorecards

Highlight areas for improvement by identifying operational and experiential inefficiencies. 

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Visit Management

Plan site visits efficiently and improve the transparency of past and present audits.

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Action Planning

Take action on insights, addressing performance issues either specifically or holistically.

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Assess standards at individual sites and streamline compliance across your franchise network.

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Usage Reporting

Gain insight into how the platform is being used across your business hierarchies.

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